The Art of Ganzeer - Egypt as inspiration for Distopian future.

16-08-2016 Hits:33 News Susan Opperman

  A page out of Ganzeer's debut graphic novel, The Solar Grid.    Egyptian Artist, Ganzeer, is using comic art to capture his personal, political and historical experiences. He sees art as a means through...

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Graphic Literature and the comfort of cats

04-08-2016 Hits:63 News Susan Opperman

  Monk and white cat, illustrated by Sydney Smith, written by Jo Ellen Bogart.    Have a look at this wonderfully crafted story, based on an old Irish short poem, written by a 9th century...

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Book Restoration

24-06-2016 Hits:215 News Susan Opperman

About the Facilitator: Liesel has worked full-time for Quagga Books in Stellenbosch for the last three and a half years. During this time she has been exposed to many fine antiquarian books...

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Elementary Digital Photography

The aim of this course is to learn how to think inventively about your camera as a tool for illustration and have the technical skills to execute your ideas. Facilitator –...

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Etching workshop

The aim of the course is to provide a good knowledge of etching, while at the same time enabling each participant to leave feeling they have created an artwork of...

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The bookbinding course is targeted towards beginners and anyone who wishes to do traditional handbinding - no previous experience necessary.The participants will learn how to make a simple open spine book,...

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