Figure Drawing

Participants will explore various approaches to figure drawing. From quick and impulsive gestural drawing,
to slow and contemplative blind contour drawings. We will be focusing on using line and tone to represent
shape and volume effectively. The first three days will consist mainly of specific technical exercises and
techniques and we will work towards a more personal open ended drawing process towards the end.

About 20 sheets of A1 newsprint
About 10 sheets of A1 cartridge
(please bring your own, but it will be on sale at the department in case you run out)
One fineliner
Black ink and a flat brush (about 5mm from side to side) (optional)
One box of Poplar charcoal
3 to 5 sticks of compressed charcoal
2 large bull clips (IMPORTANT)
Eraser (putty and normal)
Preferably a a craft knife or a sharp blade of some kind or otherwise a sharpener
A few pencils (ranging from 2H to 6B) (optional)

Ferdinand Kidd
has a master’s degree in Visual Art from Stellenbosch University. He has been teaching
drawing for the last 4 years. He freelances as a gallery manager and curator for various galleries and
institutions all over the country including the Spier Arts Academy and Wildlands Conservation Trust.

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