The bookbinding course is targeted towards beginnersand anyone who wishes to do traditional handbinding - no previous experience necessary.The participants will learn how to make a simple open spine book, mastering the stitching technique.  They will then have a choice of making a 'stab-stitch' or a 'accordion' book type. Lastly they will learn how to make a traditional 'closed-spine' book.  They will also be taught how to make a 'slip-cover' for any of the books that they completed during the week.  During the course they will also learn about the different terminologies and apparatus used in bookbinding.  Bookbinding materials are not readily available, therefore we will focus on alternative materials during this course.


6 sheets Canson or Focol paper, 4 neutral colours and 2 in any other colour (A2 size  120 g)

1 sheet Fabriano, (200 g or more   a full sheet)

NT cutter

10 sheets newsprint

Two 30 cmmetalrulers

A2 'cutting mat' (optional)

Bone Folder (optional)


1 m ribbon (15 mm wide) any colour

30 cm ribbon (+/- 5 mm wide) any colour

Any colour fabric (cotton or linen) +/- 60 x 60 cm

The rest will be supplied by the lecturer.

FACILITATOR 2012  :Helene van Aswegen  

Cost  R3000

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