3Ayhe! Out and Online!

cover_front3Ayhe! is the third edition of the Ayhe! series of home-grown mini-comics, produced by artists in and around Cape Town. The project began in 2007 and aims to publish an annual comic written and illustrated on the streets of Cape Town. 3Ayhe! is the result of a collaboration between Ayhe! and the Comic Art Unit of the Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA) at Stellenbosch University.

The collaboration made an artistic exchange possible between two postgraduate visual arts students at Stellenbosch University and four aspiring artists from Dunoon. With different backgrounds and educational levels, but a common passion for comic art, the participants overcame a variety of hurdles and distances (both literal and figurative), to produce an unusual mix of stories and styles.





This mix was further enhanced by the collective effort of 29 South African comic artists participating in CCIBA's Graphic Novel: Master Class and Symposium workshop, who produced a massive  8 page comic in a single day.

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Click here to see the online version of 3Ayhe!

Click here to see the process work for the short story The Pastor's Gift.

Click here to see the the process work for the short story Chippa My Autie.