Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Anja Venter

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Cropped image of an illustration by Anja Venter.


Having completed her Bachelors and Honours in Visual Communications at the University of Stellenbosch, and a two year stint working in London and Johannesburg, Anja completed her Masters degree in Media studies and is currently persuing her PHD in personal archiving systems and visual communication for development in resource-constrained areas. 

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Illustration by Anja Venter.


Anja describes her porposal for her comic for the Graflit: Urban Interiors publication:

My comic will be a very microcosmic take on the notions of territory... [A] Girl and her younger male friend are browsing through a record store in Cape Town, searching for a specific record... She muses to her friend over territory and land, having just visited the national museum and referring to a section in the exhibition where they showed transcriptions of 18th century ethnographers research: A young Khoi man sings a song mourning the loss of his ancestral land – equating it with his strings being cut... 

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