Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Archie Birch

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A cropped image from Archie Birch's comic strip, The Number 1 Game.


Graflit: Urban Interiors participating artist, Archie Birch, is an illustrator, story board artist, lecturer, animator and filmmaker and has taught animation at AFDA film school, City Varsity and the 'Animation School of Excellence' at False Bay College. He is self-trained as a traditional 2D animator and partly supervised the popular 3D animated feature film 'Khumba' for Triggerfish.

the number 1 game archie birch cciba 1

Illustration cropped from Archie Birch's comic, The Number 1 Game.


Archie recently updated the CCIBA on his proposal idea for the Graflit: Urban Interiors South African comics anthology:


The story begins with an unnamed young University lecturer who has conceived an elaborate system of urban mapping... This mapping system, he believes, will allow him to comprehensively diagnose all kinds of physical, social and existential ills and even allow the prediction of impending disasters.... The comic will unfold like an idiosyncratic map or collage of Cape Town, especially the urban areas from the CBD to Mowbray, with key historical, anecdotal and future events dotting the (increasingly fractured) cityscape. These events, settings and images from the city will relate to the main character’s monologue, in which he tries to explain how the elements around him inform his mapping of the ‘psycho-geography’ of Cape Town, how his system works and what the map has revealed to him. The visual form will attempt to mimic the character’s mapping efforts, creating a highly subjective and disjointed series of images of the city and its inhabitants.

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