Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Daniël du Plessis

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Illustration by Daniël du Plessis.


Daniël du Plessis is an illustrator, lecturer and comic book artist currently based in Pretoria. His work has been published in several national and international publications, including Bitterkomix, i-Jusi and the BD Africa collection by Albin Michel. Daniël contributes comics on a regular basis to the literature section of the Afrikaans language Sunday paper Rapport, and produced illustrations for South African feature film ‘Superhelde’. Crazy right? Well, in 2010 he went as far as to win a prize in the Fumetto Comic Competition in Lucerne, Switzerland. Ya, so that's pretty impressive. He recently featured in a successful group show entitled Those Who Wonder at illustration gallery, Salon 91, with fellow Graflit: Urban Interiors particpating artist Gerhard Human.

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Illustrations from Daniël du Plessis' visual journal.

Daniël recently gave the CCIBA the scoop on his proposal idea for the Graflit: Urban Interiors South African comics anthology:

Having lived and worked around Cape Town from 2003 to 2006 I experienced the area and its surrounds as a bit of an outsider. One of the more striking and upsetting features is the close proximity between the haves and the have-nots. In stark contrast to the demographic layout of Gauteng (which experiences the same level of inequality, but on a more divided geographical basis) rich and poor live on a more side-by-side basis. It was (and is) upsetting to me to drive by Kayelitsha on the N2, and to know that it is not far removed from such opulence as the Cape winelands, the exclusive beaches of Camps Bay and so on...  I would like to explore the sociological landscape of Cape Town and surrounds through a meta-narrative that explores a range (at least two, preferably more) of personal experiences of the city in a narrative that then allows these characters’ lives to intersect.

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