Children's Book Illustrator Theodore Key, Drawingrooms and City Soirée join forces in New-Concept Secret Art Exhibition

theodore key shark     theodore key man with glasses

Illustrations by Theodore Key.


Talented children's book illustrator and artist, Theodore Key, has recently joined forces with City Soirée, a new-concept arts organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, for a unique crowd-sourcing event that if successful, will feature the artist's work in a pop-up exhibition. The exhibition forms part of the "Drawingrooms" initiative, a series of secret one-night-only crowdfunded art exhibitions in the homes of fans.

By using crowdfunding principals, the platform offers a new way of organising events and in the process, helps create a new economy where artists and fans can connect more directly. Each event becomes a campaign where fans band together to ensure that the event happens based on a series of pledges in order to reach a target. A pledge is similar to buying a pre-sale ticket with the difference that this ticket has the power to make an event happen. As soon as the target is reached, the event is confirmed. If an event does not reach its target in time then the event will not take place and all pledges are refunded to each fan in full. 

The Theodore Key exhibition requires a pledge of R100 and will include a limited edition, hand-drawn postcard by the artist mailed to them before the event, an original drawing well-worth over R100, as well as an invitation with the secret address to the exhibition. All the money from the pledges will go into a “pot” and one lucky attendee’s name will be drawn at the end of the night. That person will get to select one piece of art, or a collection of art works, to a guaranteed minimum value of R4 000 (total amount from pledges). The draw will take place at 21:00. Once the target of 40 pledges is reached, limited general tickets will be available and that money will be added to the “pot”.

Theodore Key has also partnered with CocoáFair who will be doing chocolate tasting. To add to the sweet satisfaction, a limited edition chocolate will be made for sale by CocoáFair at the event, wrapped in a limited edition print by the artist himself.

theodore key shark in the city

One of the works by Theodore Key available at the exhibition.

Theodore Key is a Cape Town-based illustrator and cartoonist who made his way to the city, from Pretoria, a couple of years back. He draws with his right hand and is about 4 foot 2 when seated. He works primarily in pen & ink with watercolours as well as a variety of pastels and paints or whatever he thinks fit to make a drawing funny or give a particular feeling. Theo draws all variety of animals and people and likes to draw city scenes with wobbly lines.

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