Young Hustla

 Young Hustla #1


Young Hustla is a collaborative comics enterprise with an aim to develop entreprenuership in South Africa, a country that suffers from more than a 35% unemployement rate amongst the youth. It highlights the challenges that the youth face today and what it will take to rise above the impoverished circumstances that most young people find themselves in. Young Hustla voices the opinion that just having a dream to aspire to is not enough, you need to work hard at it and there's no easy road, or a quick means to achieve your goal. What Young Hustla as an initiative would like to achieve is to make entrepreneurship education accessible, affordable and attractive (to use their words), in order for young South Africans to contribute to and build a strong economy in the Africa of tomorrow, thereby uplifting themselves. With the release of their digital comic, Young Hustla aims to spread the ideals of entrepeneurship and for the youth to realise that their creativity can be a commodity. See the Young Hustla digital comic here


  Young Hustla #1 - Page 5 (Digital Comic)