Drawing as Journalism

Jeroen Janssen - Doel. 


Comics Journalism is a powerful form of communication when it comes to global and local issues. Graphic Journalists have contributed some of the most compelling and substantial works on current news and international events. In an age where we communicate more and more through imagery, the notion of developing visual literacy has reached a greater imperative. The creation of visuals as a form of universal communication has become more apparant when looking at the plethora of creative and critical disciplines that are connected and shared through the image making process. When it comes to the development of visual literacy in the form of critical engagement with world we live in, then Drawing the Times is perhaps one of the best sites out there. It's a comics and cartooning platform with a specific focus on non-fiction stories. Scroll through, have a read, just from a stylistic perspective as well as the diversity of stories, it truly provides a different kind of reading experience on global issues. Here are some samples:


Gianluca Costantini - Aleppo is Hell (The siege of Aleppo).

Jules Calis -Violence and Misery reign supreme in the divided city of Hebron

Jeroen Janssen - Lets start a political party.