BlueJackal-Howl for Entries

Lokesh Khodke's 1 page take on Rohith Vemula's final words.

Born in 2015 and based in India, BlueJackal  is a collective with a different take. Comprising of writers, artists, activists and researchers, they form a commonality that engage with the world through a broad range of creative and philosophical interests. The core members of the group comprise of Shefalee Jain, Lokesh Khodke, Vasvi Oza and Shivangi Singh. To them, BlueJackal is a forum, a platform through which they can explore their shared proclivities, as applied to illustration, comics and children's books. One permanent feature of this collective is an ongoing project titled: SITUATION COMICS. In which they propose an episode or a situation (in some cases it might be a fabulation) and ask for public engagement in the form of a one page comic. Situation Comics 1 can be viewed as an intersection between comics and history. A moment in time, as the situation proposed was a 1 page comic on the suicide note of student activist Rohith Vemula, who battled against the inherent caste structure and subsequent discrimination at the Hyderabad University in India. In this regard, comics can be employed as a multifaceted medium that engages critically with an episode rife with complexity, adding a different nuance to the dialogue surrounding Rohith Vemula's death. For SITUATION COMICS 2, they've proposed a soundpiece by Sun-Ra, titled: I seek a new world. Sun-Ra, is an Afro-American jazz-composer, poet and philosopher and can be viewed as one of the creators of Afrofuturism, a movement through which new, empowering identities could be envisioned for the marginalised. Closing date is 20th February 2017. 

An example of Situation Comics 1 by Lokesh Khodke.