Kirsten Sims on Saturn Return

Kirsten Sims, So on and So Forth, 2017, 111cm x 80cm. 

Kirsten Sims is a well known feature when it comes to Salon 91 and South African illustration. With a solo show in Toronto, Canada under her belt, Sims is back in action and starting 2017 with a bang. A preview of her latest scheduled solo show, Saturn Return, will feature at The Cape Town Art Fair in mid Feb. A little prequel to the main event, to be hosted at Salon 91 from the 21st June until the 29th July. Sims has the great ability to change the ordinary into  the extraordinary through her art. Taking inspiration from the everyday, she creates works that intersects the existing with the imagined, creating spaces and scenarios, that easily shifts from the whimsical to the dramatical. For a good show, put this on your calendar.