Creating a graphic novel, a reality check.

Scribble, by Sean Michael Robinson. 

Sean Michael Robinson is a high school art teacher, and he is one of those individuals with an unfinished, unpublished and relatively unseen longform graphic novel behind his name. Titled: Discards, Robinson has spent more than four years on this personal project, with more than three hundred completed pages, in a highly detailed hand, which is no small feat. For Robinson, Discards, constitutes a failure, he views it as a journeyman project that remains uncompleted, but has however left him with the skillset that allows him to work as a freelance illustrater and to tell stories. In retrospect, on making a longform graphic novel and the pitfalls thereof, Robinson wrote a very insightful article, under the rubric of How not to make a comic. It is a must read, and shines light on the problems he faced, as well what process and stylistic areas to be hyper vigilant about when creating your own long form graphic novel. 

Robinson, Discards Page 42. 

Robinson, Throw.