Only a few days left to book for the CCIBA Spring Creative Workshop Programme

cciba image painting cciba spring creative workshop w

Painting by painting workshop facilitator Gina Heyer.

The CCIBA 2015 Creative Workshop Programme will once again be taking place at the Visual Arts Department at Stellenbosch University from Monday 7 to Friday 11 September 2015 next week during the university recess. There are only a few days left to book your spot and witness some of the country's most experienced art instructors at one of Africa's top universities. 

Courses offered:
Children’s Book Illustration 
Silver Jewellery Design and Manufacture 
Elementary Digital Photography 
Botanical Illustration 
Book Restoration for Beginners

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your spot.

For more information on workshops offered click here.

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UCT Graduate School of Business: Business for Art Bursary Deadline

cciba uct graduate school of business sholarship     cciba uct graduate school of business sholarship 2


UCT Graduate School of Business is providing one South African artist the opportunity to study the much-need business acumen required to become a financially successful, practicing artist. The course, which will take place Monday evenings over a period of 13 weeks, is worth R7500 and will be hosted by Elaine Rumboll – entrepreneur, former performance artist, internationally published award-winning poet, blues singer and academic. 


Topics covered include how to negotiate when pitching artworks, how to manage finances, how to market your work, and how to understand required administrative processes like budgeting, cash flow and tax. The deadline is today, Thursday 30th of July so get your applications in before the close of business!


cciba design indaba uct business school 1


Click here to find out more about the Business Acumen for Artists programme.

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A Look at the Remarkable Illustrated World of Drawn to Death

cciba drawn to death 1     cciba drawn to death 2

Cropped stills from the video game Drawn to Death courtesy of

Drawn to Death is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer game in production for the PS4 by famed God of War creator, David Jaffe, which recently had some heads turning at a number of big gaming conventions in the USA. The first-person-shooter videogame is unique in the sense that it simulates a sketchbook format, animating illustrations and typography as you explore the mind of a young boy currently going through a number of personal and family issues, his notebook being a productive way in which to express himself. The artwork is quite remarkable with personal notes being strewn across the walls and passing through the sky along with written, narrative vignettes. 

cciba drawn to death social facebook

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

cciba drawn to death social general

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

cciba drawn to death social twitter

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

Click here to read the full article on Kotaku.

Click here to wath in-game footage of Drawn Together on Youtube via IGN.

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Puppetry and Animatronics: Building the Apatosaurus in Jurassic World

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 1     cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 2

Left: A cropped still of the animatronic Apatosaurus in Jurassic World.

Right: A cropped still from the scene depicting a dying Apatosaurus.

Remember the good old days when movie-makers and directors relied on puppetry and animatronics to make convincing science fiction movies? Practical effects, as they are otherwise known, were used heavily before the mid-nineties to bring an array of strange creatures - including dinosaurs - to life. Well, since the massive progression of CG and digital animation in the film industry, practical movie effects have seen somewhat of a dip since featuring heavily in successful movies such as Jurrasic Park and Blade Runner. In Jurassic World, however, one scene of a dying Apatosaurus has people talking after the film's director approved the use of an animatronic puppet to depict its liveliness, allowing the movie's lead actors to engage and interact with it.

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world social media

The scene from Jurassic World depicting the use of the Apatosaurus puppet.

If you're into that sort of thing, here's a fascinating look at what went into the making of this terrific puppet. It turns out that the art of puppetry and animatronics isn't dead just yet.

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Speechless Comic Book Market & Colloquium and the Big Debate

cciba speechless colloquium     cciba speechless colloquium 2

Cropped photographs of the Speechless colloquium with Zapiro, Andy Mason, Stacey Stent and Sean Christie.

The month of May witnessed the successful opening of SPEECHLESS, South African Comic Artists on the State of the Nation, currently on show at Erdmann Contemporary at 84 Kloof Street in Cape Town until 11 July. The Erdmann Contemporary gallery, the CCIBA and AMAK also hosted a comic book market and colloquium on Saturday 20 June where passers-by had the opportunity to buy local South African comics and rare comic book publications from all over the world. The colloquium was a hit with a lively discussion around cartooning and comics in the fine art space and the current state of newspaper cartooning thanks to generous comments from Zapiro, Stacey Stent, other panelists and colloquium attendee Chip Snaddon. 

cciba speechless market social media 1

Photograph courtesy of Erdmann Contemporary.

The conversation started off with the intention of showcasing cartoons in a gallery environment. Panelists raised the question of whether or not comic art is or can indeed be art and if the comic art medium was financially viable, especially in a gallery space. According to Erdmann Contemporary's Twitter feed, Zapiro explained how sales of his work including prints and originals are not limited to exhibition in galleries, the artist producing an edition of prints for most of the cartoons he illustrates and making them available on his website and through his formiddable network. Zapiro fondly reminded the audience how William Kentridge made satirical cartoons for a newspaper for a short period of time.

cciba speechless market social media 2

Photograph courtesy of Erdmann Contemporary.

Sean Christie went on to explain the transition from cartoons for newspaper to cartoons for the gallery wall and articulated some of the 'hang-ups" involved. Christie also mentioned the shift from original to digital works and how collectors prefer to buy original pieces, namely those created using non-digital media. Panelists went on to discuss Brett Murray's Spear and how the attention surrounding the work affected the manner in which South Africans view caricature cartooning and the way in which we galleries price these sort of works. The exhibition contains a significant amount of President Zuma imagery, Sean Christie going so far as to say that some of the works were overly literal. Zapiro started the gender in cartooning debate and asked why it is the case that Stacey Stent is one of South Africa's only published female political cartoonists and one of very few women in industry locally.

Erdmann Contemporary recently released a statement on their Facebook group regarding the Speechless colloquium and comic book market:

The comic book market was a huge success & will become a monthly event! Thank you to Andy Mason & Rafael Powell for organising and Blah Blah Bar for hosting. Andy Mason, Blank Books and Bibliophilia put on a fantastic display of the best comic books I have ever seen in one room. The Colloquium with Zapiro, Stacey Stent, Sean Christie and chaired by Andy Mason was equally successful and continued long after the initial two hour discussion. Thank you to the panelists and Andy for a good debate on a touchy subject. Both these events were centered around our current exhibition, SPEECHLESS which remains on view until 11 July. Images of work by participating cartoonists Alastair Findlay, Zapiro, Chip Snaddon, Stacey Stent & Brandon Reynolds.

Click here to view more about Speechless.

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