Figure Drawing

The figure drawing workshop will focus on all the basics of drawing, from media techniques and hand-eye co-ordination to depicting volume. The principles of good figure drawing are relevant to image-making in general and the concepts have an application that extends beyond just figure drawing. As a result both observational skills as well as creative decision-making will be looked at. The beginner who is just starting out will find this offers an excellent opportunity to get to grips with the basics, and to those who are already skilled it offers an opportunity to not only draw from life again, but to refresh their knowledge and gain a fresh perspective. The course aims to guide the participants to discovering their own individual styles and developing their artistic confidence.



Colijn Strydom studied Fine Art at the Universities of Pretoria and Stellenbosch, doing undergraduate studies and then a Master's degree at the respective institutions. His first solo show was a drawing performance done at Dirt Contemporary in Kloof street, Cape Town in 2005, where he was locked in a gallery for a week and put on display. Since then he has gone on to make charcoal drawings, ink drawings and oil paintings for shows with titles such as “Tell your daddy I say hello”, “Sad People from the Future” and “Poppies in October”. Some of the venues he has exhibited at include Artspace, the AVA, Brundyn+Gonsalves, Grande Provence, the University of Stellenbosch Gallery, Klein Karoo Kunstefees festivals and Design Indaba. He has lectured at Michaelis School of Fine Art (University of Cape Town), the Stellenbosch Academy of Photography and Design and is currently lecturing drawing at the University of Stellenbosch. Colijn has also collaborated with theatre makers, designing, painting and occasionally making short animations, such as those for “Die Kortstondige Raklewe van Anastasia W”, (written by Marlene van Niekerk and directed by Marthinus Basson).


Day 1

Introduction to drawing

Gesture and proportion

Day 2

Contour drawing: training the eye and the use of line

Day 3

Volume and tone

Day 4

Introduction to portraiture

Day 5

Consolidation of knowledge and skills


List of Materials required:

  • Masking tape (for attaching your paper to the board)
  • Kneadable or Putty rubber OR
  • Standard eraser
  • HB – 8B drawing pencils. A selection of 4 or 5 will be sufficient
  • Willow charcoal – this comes in varying thicknesses, try to get a variety
  • Compressed charcoal (comes in various forms and hardnesses, including stick or pencil form)
  • Large sketchbook (or loose sheets of paper, A1 is preferable but no smaller than A2)
  • Cheap paper such as newsprint


  • Conté (comes in various forms and hardnesses, including stick or pencil form)
  • Pastel (black and white)
  • Ink and dipping pen with assorted nibs and brushes

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