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This workshop welcomes anyone from beginners to avid bookbinders. Artists, writers, hobbyists, you are all invited. This year we will be looking at alternative bookbinding styles and unconventional boxes.

There is MUCH more to book binding than one would ordinarily think. Under the cool veil of a book-cover resides a world of delicate sewing techiniques and paper ingenuity. For this workshop we will cover intricate embroidery work that is integrated into the binding of a book. The course will also expound a variety of binding techniques such as coptic binding, bindings onto cord/tabs in addition to taking on the challenge of making a 'caterpillar book'.

Along with this, we will also construct a 'Peter Heller Pop-Up Box' for any suitable book of your choice.


Your basic materials and starter kit will be provided at a cost of R170.

This will include the required chipboard, paper, book covering material, glue and string for both projects.


What you will need to bring:

- Any book that is special to you (around A5 in size)

- Notebook and Pen

- Clutch pencil

- A sturdy NT cutter, with extra blades.

- 2 x A2 colour sheets of paper of your choice (any thickness between 120-200gsm)

- 1m ribbon, 1-1.5cm wide.  


To register contact Marika Bell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Heléne van Aswegen

Art- & Book Specialist

Visual Arts Department

Stellenbosch University


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