Oil Painting

KMDH Suis 30x40cm

Klara-Marié den Heijer, Suis [rustling] (2017). Oil paint on board, 30 x 40 cm.

Course Outline

The oil painting course will include a thorough introduction of oil paint as medium to provide a clear understanding of the paint surface, primers, pigments, paint mediums and brushes. Participants will be able to try their hand at some of the recipes of the old masters in making gesso and grinding their own oil paint. Practical work will cover the basic formal elements of painting: form, tonal value, colour, perspective and proportions.

About the Facilitator

Klara-Marié den Heijer is a full-time oil painter with a focus on the genre of landscape painting. She completed her Master’s Degree in Visual Arts (cum laude) in 2017 at the Stellenbosch University. In 2009 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts (Fine Arts) with cum laude at the same institution. She has participated in numerous group shows in South Africa as well as South Korea, Germany, India and Italy. Her work is held in private collection in London, Texas, the Netherlands and South Korea.


What participants have to bring

  • 100 ml Purified Linseed oil

  • 100 ml Artist Turpentine

  • X6 Paint brushes (hog hair, bristle): Flat #12, Flat #10, Flat #6, Filbert #8, Filbert #4 and Round #2

  • Oil paint: Titanium white, French Ultramarine blue, Alizarin Crimson red (or Cadmium Red), Arylamide Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow)

  • Cash for canvas and board

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